Christmas Log 2021

Christmas Log 2021

I will start with a little background on Christmas Log, for the readers who are not familiar with it. It started around thirty years ago, when Ryan was watching a tv show called Ren & Stimpy. There was a satirical commercial about giving your children “Log” as a present. You could give them “Secret Service Log” which was simply a Log with a hat and sunglasses. Or you could give them “Dress Up Log” which was a Log with a wig and a dress. I decided for Christmas that year I would give Justin “Cowboy Log” and Ryan “Skateboard Log.”

I have been giving them “Log” every year since then. I was asked once what were some of my favorite “Logs.” This is a hard question to answer because I have quite a few I am really proud of. One I really enjoyed was when we lived in Tremonton and Shannon asked Justin and Ryan what they wanted for Christmas, and they both replied in unison “Not Log!” As a result, I found two pieces of wood with an obvious flaw is it was “Knot Log.” Another time I gave everyone a toothpick and it was “Anorexic Log.”

Each year I start thinking about next year’s “Log” and I had pretty much decided it would be “Vaccinated Log” which would have had a face mask and a disposable syringe on the side of it. But after the best thing that happened to me in 2021 I decided to go with “Married Log.” This is where I will give you a few minutes to try and guess exactly what “Married Log” would be.

Okay, pencils down because times up. “Married Log” is a Log with one end of a chain glued to the bottom of the Log, and the other end of the chain glued to a ball. The Log has a smiley face on it and the words “Yes Dear” written on it. I was quite proud of it.

I hope you all are doing well, and the New Year is going great for everyone. Thanks for reading.

Next Week: Martin Luther King Day

P.S. I was smart enough to check with Kristi about “Married Log.” She even helped me put them together.