Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

Last Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. MLK’s birthday was made a national holiday in 1986 to honor the late Mr. King and his crusade for civil rights It is inspiring to think about his actions and his courage. Especially when it wasn’t very popular at the time.

Mr. King wanted to help every citizen enjoy the freedoms America offers. He wanted to help children of every race receive an education and pursue their dreams. He wanted the government to recognize and address the inequalities that were extremely prevalent at the time. Martin Luther King worked hard and petitioned the government for equality. He worked tirelessly with communities and organizations to have his message heard. He never gave up on his dreams and devoted his life to building a better America.

As we fast forward to today, I believe it is important to recognize the changes that have been made. There are those that would have you believe that America is just as racist now as it was back in Mr. Kings time. They put forth the narrative that the inequalities are worse now than they were back then. This is simply not the case. There are opportunities available to anyone who wants to work hard and pursue them. There are scholarships and grants available to students who are truly interested in getting a college education. There are careers you can pursue and advance in as long as you want to work hard and become an irreplaceable employee.  In other words, you get out of life exactly what you put into it.

The point I want to make is there is a stark difference between Martin Luther King’s actions and the activists of the today. The activists of today shout and protest at ordinary people walking by. They sit in a coffee shop and type on their phone or keyboard about the terrible conditions in our country. They want everyone to know how much they care more than anyone else. Martin Luther King worked every day to have his message heard and generate real change. The majority of today’s activists outside of yelling and typing take no action whatsoever to help create any type of change. It would be interesting to know how many hours a week they volunteer in their community. How much time they are willing to help tutor someone. How money they give to local non-profits? I bring up local non-profits where you know your donation actually helps your community.

Now for the good news. This perception of our country is being portrayed daily in the mainstream media. And while my example of today’s activists is accurate, it is my observation and belief that the majority of our country is compassionate and caring. The majority of our country works hard, and is devoted to helping their neighbors and communities, regardless of race or beliefs. The majority of Americans work diligently every day to make this country and their communities resemble the same vision Martin Luther King talked about in his “I have a dream,” speech.

I know there is always more I can do. I am grateful for all your examples of compassion and kindness. You inspire me to improve every area of my life. Thanks for reading.

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P.S. There are no guarantees on me trying harder not to foul the guys at basketball.