Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 Part Two

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 Part Two

Since Kristi is so much nicer and more generous than me, this week’s story will be about her main Valentine’s Day present to me. I needed to say “Main” because she always does so much for me on the holidays. This Valentine’s Day was no exception.

Kristi did a great job decorating the house. She had decorations hanging everywhere. She made everything look, let’s call it “Valentine’s Day Spectacular” When I saw them for the first time, a feeling of warmth and affection came over me. I had forgotten how special the ambiance of a woman’s touch can bring to a house. She is the best.

Before I continue, I must tell you about the card she gave me. First let me start with a little background. She sat me down on the couch and said how much she was looking forward to our first Valentine’s Day together as husband and wife. Then she handed me a card and said I had to read it first, and then she would explain. I opened the envelope and pulled out a get-well card. When I started reading the card She explained she had something very special she arranged for her main Valentine’s present. Then she wrote this was all by design so I could have ammunition I could use against her. (I smell a trap!)

It seems she was in Broulims when she realized she had forgot to buy me a Valentine’s Day card. When she looked at the Valentine’s day cards, they were all over ten dollars. She decided she would pick the cheapest card and write in it. She found the Get-Well card for $1.99 and the rest they say is history. I have another theory. It was all a test, and if I said I hated the Get-Well card, I would need a Get-Well card.

We had a good laugh about that and then she told me my for my main present, she bought tickets to the Utah Jazz – Dallas Mavericks game on Friday night. We went to the game and had a fantastic time. We had great seats and it was a great game with the Jazz winning by 5 points.

I am so glad to have Kristi to do fun things like this with, and I am looking forward to more adventures in the future. Thanks for reading.

Next week: The Jazz Game

P.S. Now before you start judging, I must tell you I got her a nice card, a dozen roses, and a big box of chocolates. (It doesn’t matter that I ate most of the chocolates,, it’s the thought that counts, right?)