A Global Tragedy

A Global Tragedy

For this week’s story, I would like to address the horrible war that is going on in Ukraine. It is a horrifying example of wickedness and evil. It terrifies me to think a vile and wicked man is able to start this atrocity and have the majority of a nation condone it.

As I watch this horrible violence and destruction, it scares me to think how quickly our world can devolve into such chaos and madness. My thoughts and prayers go out to the innocent people from all sides of this conflict, and the turmoil and disarray their lives have become. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all the families that that have lost someone in this horrible war.

One of my cardinal rules in my stories is not to tell anyone what to think. I try and write each story from what it makes me think or feel. I believe I need to change that for this week. I have learned a valuable lesson in life. It’s not what happens in your life that requires all your focus, it’s what you do with it. By that I mean every event you experience is a learning opportunity. As you experience events such as this terrible war, think about what you can do with it. Use it to remind yourself how grateful you are for the safety and blessings you have and to never take them for granted. Allow it to help you appreciate the well-being and safety of your friends and family. 

My main rule is not to tell anyone what to do. I would like to persuade you to reach out to your family and friends and let them know how much they mean to you, and how much you love them. If you are at odds over something insignificant, be the first one to reach out and mend the relationship. I would also encourage you if you can, to find individuals and families that are struggling with the high costs we are experiencing right now and buy them a gift card for groceries or a tank of gas. Sadly, there are people who will see this as an opportunity to scam people so check with your neighbors or local church to make sure your money gets to the right people. You can also do some research to find reliable organizations. For the despicable people who do use these circumstances to scam people, rest assured you have just procured your front row seat in hell.

We are a great community and country. I am positive we will all stand together and get through this heartbreaking tragedy. I want to thank all of you for the tremendous love and support you have shown me for so many years. Thanks for reading.