April Fool’s Day 2022

April Fool’s Day 2022

I was originally going to write about April Fool’s Day, but I changed my mind for a couple of reasons. The first one is Kristi played a great April Fool’s prank on me, and I can’t have her feeling any more superior to me than she already does. The second reason that I didn’t play an April Fool’s prank is the only thing worse than not playing a prank, is playing a prank that is not even close to the one played on you. Again, see number one for the obvious reason not to play a prank on Kristi.

Instead, I will let you know about the next task for my new job. One of the main objectives the association needs help with is recruiting new members. I have traveled through six states to meet with some of them, but the cost of flights and hotel rooms is not cost efficient. Currently, we only have two dealers in the state of Utah that are members of the association, so my boss decided I should travel to meet with dealers in Utah. She said that since I live as close as I do to Utah, for the next three weeks, she wants me to travel throughout Utah and meet with prospective dealers.

I agree with the financial part of the decision because we would not have the expense of flights, and hotels. That is if my sister and brother will take turns letting me stay with them. I also have a lot of connections in the Logan and Tremonton area that I can reach out to. I have also been working with Royce Hatch at Utah State University with the dealer development project I am putting together. I am really looking forward to the majority of this assignment.

There is only one thing I am not looking forward to. If you guessed driving in Utah traffic, you win. I’m not sure exactly what you win, but you are a winner just the same. Seriously, the thought of three weeks driving in Utah makes me nervous and worried. I personally feel I should get a raise for this, or at least an award for bravery.

Therefore, I ask you to wish me luck as I embark on this perilous journey. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Hometown Hero

P.S. April Fools! I do not have to drive in Utah. I know this prank is not as good as Kristi’s, but I’m used to her being better than me.