It’s Been a Busy Week

It’s Been a Busy Week

For the last several months, I have been dealing with soreness in my left knee which has kept me out of basketball. I found out it was a small meniscus tear, so on Tuesday I had it operated on. The doctor told Kristi everything went well and sent me home. I have some exercises to do, and I should find out next week how long I will need to do therapy and exercises before I can get back to a full range of motion with it. I am guessing the guys at basketball will have another 6 to 8 weeks before they will have to deal with me fouling them.

On Saturday, I competed in the finals for the Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech contest. I am very proud to say that I ended up placing third. I was quite pleased with my finish especially since this was the first speech contest I had entered in Toastmasters. All of these events have kept me very busy.

The main blessings I have received is the love and support I have gotten from Kristi. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for all she has done. She has gone around all week to get door prizes for the fundraiser. She has been there to cheer me on and motivate me in my speech contest. But most importantly of all, is the loving care and comfort she has given me with my knee surgery. She took me to the hospital and stayed with me the whole time making me feel safe and loved. She brought me home and made sure I had everything I need. She is always making sure to keep the ice on it when I need it, and to make sure I am comfortable. I am the luckiest man ever to have such an amazing wife.

I want to thank everyone for all your good wishes and concern for me. I appreciate all the support, and thanks for reading.

Next Week: White Pines Charter School

P.S. If you wanted to do something nice for Kristi, she like chocolate chip cookies. Okay, I like chocolate chip cookies, but I promise I will share.