New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Since I quit being employed at John Deere, it has taken some time to get my training and consulting business going. I use the term “being employed” instead of “working” so my friends can’t argue with me. In the last two years, I have had some great success. Last August, I was hired as the Dealer Development Consultant for the Far West Equipment Dealer Association. This has been a lot of fun and also challenging as well. I am talking about getting stranded in the Utah desert as a good example.

Two years ago, I had contacted a regional aftermarket parts and service manager for a large equipment dealership organization. We talked about parts and service training, and he liked my programs and wanted to move forward with hiring me. Sadly, when he presented it to the corporate manager, he told him no, even though he had not seen my training and the gentleman explained the benefits. Since then, we have kept in touch. About a year ago, he told me he was going to resign from his current job and focus on his own training company.

Two months ago, he contacted me and told me about an event he had been invited to in Iowa City at the end of July. There is going to be a major training seminar for agriculture equipment dealers from all over the country. He is going to present a full day of training for service managers. He asked me if I would be interested in helping him. I told him I would love to be part of it, and he told me to plan on it and he would get back with me later.

On Friday, we had a teams meeting with another gentleman that will be part of the training program. We collaborated on the topics we would cover, and also suggested follow up procedures. I am really looking forward to this and it is going to provide me an opportunity to meet with several equipment dealer organizations. I have discussed with my friend how this opportunity will allow us to work together to help both of our companies. We are working on a partnership and revenue sharing so it is a benefit for everyone.

I am happy for these new opportunities and looking forward to them. The most important lesson it has taught me is no matter how many challenges and failures you experience, do not ever give up. You are not a failure as long as you keep trying. I also strongly believe that one of the reasons my training has taken so long to move forward is so I could concentrate on the Foundation and the tremendous growth it has achieved. Thank you for helping me make that happen and thank you for reading.

Next week: Happy Father’s Day

P.S. For my customers and friends that are concerned about me doing customer service training, let me explain. It’s like my basketball coaching, “Do as I say, Not as I do.”