First Chukar’s Game 2022

First Chukar’s Game 2022

Every year, the Idaho Falls Chukar’s allows non-profit organizations 2 different nights to set up a booth at their games. It is sponsored by Fred Meyer, and all they ask is that you send them a thank you for the opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to have a booth there for the last five years. That is except for the Covid Apocalypse years when they did not have any games.

First, I would like to thank Kevin Greene and the entire Chukar’s staff for all their support and help. They do a great job and always making sure everything runs smoothly. The staff is always friendly, and I have made some wonderful friends with a lot of them.

The gates open at 6:15 for season ticket holders, so according to Max Wilker time, I made sure I was there at 5:15 to get my booth set up. Usually, they have an area designated already, but sometimes, you can choose the spot you want. The best thing with that is getting to set up in front of the building so the crowd can see you right as they walk in the gate. Friday night I was able to choose the spot I wanted. Now I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is I was able to set my booth up directly in front of the gate. The bad news is Friday night was very breezy (typical for my luck) and the spot I chose had no wind block at all. I was able to get everything secured thanks to the heavy-duty tape I had on hand. What’s that saying? “This isn’t my first rodeo.”  

One of the things I enjoy the most at these games is making new friends and catching up with old friends. My good friends Mike and Julie Anglesey from Mountain River Ranch stopped by. It was great catching up with them. I had several people from the Crusade Against Cancer stop by and tell me how much fun they had, and they would make sure to bring more people next year. The absolute best part of the evening was when a lady who I helped with some funds a few years ago stopped by the booth. She told her friend, “This is an amazing man who does so many wonderful things for our community. He helped me out a few years ago, and I am happy to say I am in remission now and feeling great.” I told her that makes me so happy. Then she said to me, “I wanted to introduce you to my friend who also has battled cancer and is in remission now. We both want to tell you how much we admire what you do and want to help your Foundation any way we can.” I must admit, that brought some tears to my eyes. I told them it’s because of our compassionate and generous community that we have been able to help so many people. Then I said, “I am so happy you are both doing well, so I will gladly put you both to work!”

I am so grateful for these opportunities, and I always look forward to these games. Thank you for your support for the Foundation and thank you for reading.

Next week: Fourth of July 2022

P.S. The Chukars won the game 6-3 in case anyone wanted to know.