Kristi’s Birthday

Kristi’s Birthday

It was Kristi’s birthday on Tuesday. I will not say which birthday we celebrated, I will simply say she is younger than me and leave it at that. Also, I want to prove to every skeptic out there that I am capable of learning something after this many years.

To begin the celebration, we were going to the Stadium of Fire event on Saturday. We planned on stopping at her niece Jessica’s house in West Jordan first. Jessica called me and told me she wanted to have a surprise birthday party for Kristi. She arranged everything and we coordinated what time she wanted us to show up. The night before, Kristi thought Jessica might be setting something up and asked me if I knew anything about it. Luckily I was able to do what I do best and played dumb. Kristi was so surprised and happy when everyone was there and wished her a happy birthday. Everyone agreed Kristi does so much for everyone in the family, they were happy to do something nice for her.

From there we went to the Stadium of Fire event and had a great time. After the concert, we went to a family members house in Provo to wait for the traffic to get lighter. It was after 12:30am when we left and got home around 4:30. The next day, we just spent a leisurely day catching up on sleep and watching movies.

On Monday, we wanted to go to Riverfest down at Snake River Landing, but it was going to be a long walk in, so I had the great idea to rent a couple of the motorized scooters. We started at the Westbank and headed south along the river. As soon as we went under the Pancheri bridge, the scooters stopped working. There was a message saying we had entered a no ride zone. We were a little disappointed we couldn’t use them to get to the events at Riverfest, but we headed back and had a great time going around the Greenbelt. You will be proud to know I didn’t fall off once.

We went to a movie in the afternoon, and then went down to watch the fireworks that night. While we were waiting for the fireworks, it was so fun to watch the families having a great time with their kids. The fireworks display was spectacular, and they seem to get bigger and better every year. I told Kristi her birthday is so special the whole country celebrates it with fireworks.

The next day I took her to a birthday breakfast, and that night we went with her sons Jeff and Carter to Johnny Carino’s for her birthday dinner. It was nice for us to be able to get together and let Kristi know how much we love her and appreciate her. It was such a gift to me to see the happiness and joy on Kristi’s face. For everything she does for so many people, Kristi deserves all of this and more. Thanks for reading

Next week: Road Trip

P.S. Kristi may be younger than me, but I am less mature, so I’ve got that going for me.