Road Trip

Road Trip

This week’s story is about a road trip I took to help Kristi’s son. Carter and his wife Robin have been living in Illinois for the last year and now are moving back to Idaho Falls so he can start his new job. Robin is going to stay and help her parents with their business and come out sometime in August. Kristi asked if I would be willing to help Carter drive his truck and trailer back to Idaho Falls. I told them I would be happy to come out and. I told them I could fly into Cedar Rapids Thursday night and Carter could pick me up Friday morning.

I got into Cedar Rapids around 10:30pm Thursday night and took a cab to the hotel. I checked into the hotel and didn’t have any problems. When I got up the next morning, it was raining and had been raining most of the night. Carter picked me up and we headed out on our way. We both thought it would be best to drive as far as we could the first day, so we wouldn’t have as much of a drive on Saturday. That way we could get in sometime in the afternoon. We decided to trade off each time we stopped for fuel.

About an hour outside of Cedar Rapids, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. It was great to all the farm ground along the way. It was even better to see the majority of the equipment was John Deere! As we were driving, it was great to be able to talk to him about his new job, and for me to tell him about mine. We both agreed no matter where you work the majority of the people are nice to work with, and there is always one or two that make it a challenge.

We decided if we kept driving, we could make it to Laramie Wyoming and stay there that night. That way we would only have about eight hours left on Saturday to make it to Idaho Falls. The weather cooperated all the way through Nebraska, and into Wyoming. As soon as we got to Cheyenne, it started raining. It started gently at first, and then it got heavier as we drove. It rained on us until about 10 miles outside of Laramie. Carter and I both said it was quite ironic that the day started in the rain and ended in the rain.

The next morning, we went out and someone had stolen the trailer. Not really, I was just checking to see if you were still reading. We headed out at around 7:00 made it back to Idaho Falls without any problems. Kristi was happy to see us and glad we made it okay. She told me several times she was so grateful I took the time to help Carter. Carter also told me various times on just how appreciative he was also. Now I know you are all asking yourself if there is a point to this story, and I promise you there is. The point is that it didn’t seem like such a big task to me. If someone in your family needs help, you simply help them if you can. I had a great time and enjoyed spending the time with my stepson. I am grateful to everyone that has helped me when I needed it and I am grateful to all of you as well. Thanks for reading.

Next week: New job opportunity

P.S. Now if they would have made me drive though Utah, that’s a whole different story.

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