Back to Basketball

Back to Basketball

It is no secret, that one of the things I like the most is playing basketball. I have really enjoyed being able to play morning ball with a great bunch of guys. About eight months ago, I twisted my knee when I slipped on the ice. My left knee felt pretty sore, so I went to Dr. Andary to have him look at it. After looking at the X-Rays, he said I had a small tear in the meniscus but didn’t think it was that bad. He said they could give me some cortisone for now, and if it got any worse, they could go in and scope the tear to repair it.

The cortisone worked for a couple of months before the knee started to hurt again. I went back to Dr. Andary and on May 10, he operated on my knee. After the operation, he told me everything went well. He gave me some exercises to help with the recovery and told me he wanted to see me in a couple of months. I worked on my knee with the hopes of returning to basketball at some point after the follow-up visit.

I had my follow-up visit on July 20, and he told me everything with my knee seemed well. He told me I could resume some of my normal activities, as long as I was careful and continued with more physical therapy. I must confess, when he said normal activities, he specified the term “low-impact” activities. Lucky for me, since I can’t jump as high as I used to, I am calling that “low-impact!”

So last Saturday, I decided to wrap both knees with heavy duty braces and go to basketball. I promised Kristi on Saturday there are plenty of people to play and I would just go and shoot around before the games started. I told her I might try and play a few minutes but would not play more than my knee could handle. I ended up playing about an hour and I have to admit my knee felt pretty good. It felt good enough I was able to play Wednesday and Friday this week.

I know this might not seem like that big of a deal to many people. But let me explain why it is to me. I am aware my basketball playing days are going to end sooner than I would like. So, I am going to enjoy every chance of playing while I can. I realize I have kind of taken it for granted before, so I plan to appreciate every second.  It has also inspired me to review other things in my life that I am taking for granted and make sure I truly appreciate them as well. One thing I promise I do not take for granted is all your friendship and support. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy Birthday Shannon

P.S. Of course when I use the term “low-impact” I am not talking about fouling.