Happy Birthday Angel Shannon

Happy Birthday Angel Shannon

Yesterday was our Angel Shannon’s birthday. I think the rule still applies that you don’t mention which birthday it is. Let’s just say it’s an anniversary of her 29th birthday and leave it at that. I just want to wish her a happy birthday and give you a little background about life lessons I have learned.

The last time I was able to actually wish her a happy birthday was exactly 12 years ago yesterday. I remember at the time Shannon saying that would probably be the last birthday she would celebrate. I wasn’t sure why she said that and tried to reassure her that we would have many more birthdays to celebrate together. I was so positive we were going to beat this ordeal. Shannon in her true quiet way, simply smiled and said, “I hope so.”

I replayed that moment in my head on her birthday for the next few years. “Did she really know that would be her last earthly birthday? How did she know that was going to be the last one? Why was she so calm about it? I have never really found an answer to these questions.  

Instead, I have found a more powerful answer to the principles of life. I have found the comforting knowledge that our Angel Shannon is where she needs to be and is always watching over our family. I know she is protecting and guiding our sons and granddaughters. I have found through following the guidance of our Heavenly Father we can find our purpose and happiness. I have found the rewards of serving my fellow man and following the examples of caring and compassion that Shannon displayed so many times.

Even though yesterday was Shannon’s birthday, I feel as though I have received the biggest gifts. I want to thank my family for the gift of their support, assistance and love. I want to let Justin and Ryan know how proud their Mom and I are of the great men they have become. I want to let Brittney, Cassidy, and Jayci know Shannon and I are so very proud of them, and she is always watching over them. I need to let my Mother-In-law Berna Deanne know how much our weekly talks have meant to me. I know this puts a big smile on Shannon’s face. I especially want to thank my beautiful wife Kristi for all the support she gives me, and I know Shannon is so grateful for all the love and support she gives to everyone in our family.

I want to thank all of you for your allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings each week and thank you for reading. I will end this story by simply saying, “Happy birthday Shannon. We will always love and miss you.”