Eastern Idaho State Fair 2022

Eastern Idaho State Fair 2022

Well, the Fair has come and gone for another year, and it had another great turnout. Kristi and I decided we would go down early on Monday, before the crowd got too big and it got too hot. I usually park across from the stockyards because it’s still pretty close and it’s free. We arrived a little after 10:00 and the parking across from the stockyards was already full. We drove past every place that was free and there wasn’t any place that wasn’t already full. I knew we were going to do a lot of walking, and I also knew my knees would get pretty sore, so I did the one thing I swore I would never do. I paid for parking at the Fair!

We noticed there was a long line at every ticket window, and I commented it was going to take quite a while just to get tickets. Kristi said, “Why don’t we see if we can buy them online.” Did I marry a genius or what? Kristi bought the tickets, which allowed me to do the smug walk past everyone in line waiting to buy tickets. I must admit, it was pretty nice, since I am usually in that line.

When Kristi asked me what I wanted to do first, I told her we need to get Fair Food before we can do anything. She let me pick, so I chose the scone nuggets. I will happily give you a tip when you buy scone nuggets. Always spring another dollar for the extra honey butter!

After we finished the scone nuggets, we headed to the buildings with the quilts and blankets. It has always been a favorite for both of us. It is simply amazing to see how beautiful they are and how much time and effort it would take to make them so gorgeous. From there, we went to the photography and art building. I always enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures and painting, especially the youth and amateur divisions.

It was time to get some more Fair Food, so Kristi and I decided we would get a funnel cake. Okay, Kristi asked what we should eat next, and I said a funnel cake sounded good. It just sounds better if I say we made the decision together.

From there we made our way through the commercial buildings. It’s quite interesting to see everything businesses have on display. Kristi and I both agreed it would get pretty old having to man one of those booths for a while week. From there, we made our way to the west side so we could check out some of the displays. I especially like the agriculture and trailer displays.

It was starting to get pretty warm, so we decided we would get one last thing to eat. We both said we needed to get some Mexican Crazy Corn. When we got there, the line was so long that we changed our mind. We said we would try and come down again when it wasn’t so busy. It made me feel good that they were doing such great business. I told Kristi we needed to get a Pronto Pup because I promised Berna Deanne I would eat on for her since she couldn’t be there. Yes, I am that thoughtful!

I really enjoy the fair for everything I just wrote about, but I think the best thing I enjoy is seeing all the families together having a great time. It does my heart good to see them making such special memories. I hope if you had a chance to go you had a lot of fun, and thanks for reading.

Next week: A Very Special Limo Ride

P.S. I still refuse to eat chocolate covered bacon. That is wrong on so many levels.