A Very Special Limo Ride

A Very Special Limo Ride

This week’s story is a follow-up to the story I posted three weeks ago titled “An Inspirational Young Man.” It was about a seventeen your old young man that was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

When Kristi and I took the first check over to his grandmother, she told us that one of the events the young man really wanted to attend was prom. I told the grandmother I wanted to take him to prom in a limousine. When the grandmother asked me if I was sure, I explained the owners of the limo company love to do things like that for the community, and it would be an extreme honor to me as well. Kristi said she would reach out to the Mom and find out when prom was going to be so we could make arrangements.

I contacted Burke and told him about the young man and asked if I could reserve a limo for the event as soon as we knew what day it was. Burke said it would be fine and to just let him know. The young man’s mother called and told us that prom was going to be on October 1st. The problem with that is that is the same day my granddaughter Brittney is getting married. When I contacted Burke and told him I wouldn’t be able to drive a limo for the young man’s prom because of the wedding, Burke said he really wanted the young man to have a limo for prom, so to go ahead and plan on it and he would drive if he had to. Kristi called the Mom and told her to plan on having a limo for the young man’s prom.

About a week later, the Mom called Kristi and said they weren’t sure her son would feel well enough to go to the prom on October 1st. Instead, they were going to do a separate prom for him and another couple on September 16th. We were sad to hear about him missing the prom, but it made it possible for me to take him in a limo.

I was to pick up the young man and another couple at his house first, and then we would go pick up his date. From there I was asked to take them out to his grandparents’ house where they had a very special dinner planned. He looked very sharp when he came out and got in the limo. We went over to the girlfriends house and picked her up. They made such a beautiful couple. The young man asked me if we could drive by the temple first, before we went out to his grandparents’ house. I experienced a very spiritual feeling as I drove them around the temple.

After they were finished with the meal and pictures, I took them back to the young man’s house. Both of the couples thanked me for the limo ride, and I told them it was an honor for me to be part of this heartwarming event.

As I was driving home, I thought about how many things this young man would be doing for the last time. I thought about how hard it would be for the parents to experience everything they are going through. I was thinking about the young mans’ date and what she must be going through as well. At that point, I had a very divine feeling come over me reminding me this life is not the end. It is simply another step to something more wonderful and amazing. I thought about the faith of this young man and his anticipation of helping so many more people when he reaches the other side. A feeling of warmth and peace washed over me. I am so grateful for this young man. My life is better to have met him and for his example of faith and strength.

I am comforted to know how many special angels all of us have watching over us. I am thankful for all those angles and for everyone I have in my life here. I am especially thankful to Michael Dalessi and Burke Webster from Black Knight Limousine for all of the amazing support they have given myself and the Foundation. I am a very blessed man. Thanks for reading.