More Fundraisers

More Fundraisers

Yesterday was a very good day for the Foundation. It began with the Snake River BMX organization holding a special breast cancer awareness day for the Foundation. They have been doing this for the last few years now, and it gets bigger every year. This year, it was at their new location out by Sandy Downs. They let me set up a booth right by the registration office. I had everything set up ready to go, and they asked me if I would say a few words to the crowd. I always enjoy a chance to tell people about the Foundation, and to thank them for their support. I like to let everyone know it is because of them we are able to help so many people.

This year I raised at least twice as much as at my booth as I have before. I enjoyed talking with the people who came to my booth and tell them how much I enjoy this event. One of the things I love about this event is to see all the little kids on their bikes. This event has such a great family atmosphere, and it is so great to see such a positive event in our community. I want to thank Snake River BMX for all their support, and for all the money they donated to the Foundation from the race. We are going to be able to help so many people with the funds we raised.

Last night, Sheandi Richins held her annual breast cancer awareness Zumba event. I always enjoy going to this event, and last night was another exceptional experience. Sheandi had me speak to the group to start with, and I gave them the same message I gave earlier. Before the event started, people were buying raffle tickets, and putting them on the prizes they wanted to receive. A mother and her daughter came up to me and asked me if I used to do anything with soccer. I said that I had a long time ago with my granddaughter. The daughter asked. “Was her name Cassidy?” When I replied yes, she said, “You’re Big Cheese!” (That was a nickname the soccer girls gave me and the topic for another story!)

There was a great group that attending the Zumba party and so many amazing people to support this fundraiser. The thing I enjoyed the most was watching so many people come together to help raise money to help their community. I have been very blessed to meet so many amazing people, and I am grateful to live in this wonderful community. Thanks for reading.

Next week: A Major Award!

P.S. I didn’t do any of the Zumba dancing, so you don’t have to have that image in your head. Your welcome.