Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Let’s start this story off with some St. Patrick’s Day Jokes.

Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day? Because regular rocks are too heavy!

How do leprechaun’s get to the moon? They go on a sham-rocket!

What do you call leprechauns who collect aluminum cans? Wee-Cyclers!

Okay, that’s enough of that foolishness. Since St. Patrick’s Day is a sign of good luck and fortune, I would like to share a few examples of good fortune I have been lucky enough to receive. I will start by letting everyone know that the recovery procedure for my knee surgery has gone so well, that the new knee replacement surgery has been moved up from May 1st to March 29th. I am lucky I had the amazing medical assistants in the infusion center. I am lucky I had all the other medical staff and for everything they have done to make this possible. I am lucky I have Kristi and the rest of my family and friends. I want to thank all of them for everything they have done to help me through these last 6 weeks.

Another great example of having good luck is the two families that moved into our cul-de-sac last year. They are both retired couples that moved in from another state that will remain nameless. They have been very friendly and are always finding ways to help us. Since I had the first knee surgery, they have made sure to clean the snow of our driveway and sidewalk, and helped in every way they can. I am so lucky to have great neighbors like them. One day we were talking, and they asked me how I liked families that moved into Idaho from the state that still remains nameless. I told them, I would rather have nice people from another state, than Idaho White Trash any day!”

Yesterday Kristi and I arrived at my 3:15pm doctor’s appointment. We waited in the lobby for what seemed like an eternity. Kristi went to the front desk to ask them how much longer they thought it would take, and the receptionist told her there were running behind, and there were still two patients ahead of us. Kristi came back and told me what she said, and said she was going to go outside and get some things out of the car. She had been out there for around ten minutes, and then came back in with another lady who was another patient waiting to be seen as well. Kristi said she had been speaking with the woman and the woman told her that they had been living in their vehicle due to their landlord wanting to remodel all the apartments, and then raise their rent. Kristi wanted to know if the Foundation could help them with a couple of nights in a hotel. I told her we would be happy to help. I told her I would get the rooms reserved when I got home, and I would text them the confirmation number. The tears of gratitude on the woman’s face brought tears of joy to me. I am lucky that our appointment ran long so we were able to meet this couple. I am lucky to have an amazing wife like Kristi that saw someone who could use some love and compassion, and like she always does, wants to find a way to help. I am lucky to live in this amazing and generous community that has donated money to the Foundation, so we are able to help people like this couple. All of these things help me realize that I can always find something to be thankful for and how truly lucky I am to have the life I do. I am lucky to have all of your support, and thanks for reading.

P.S. I am lucky to be a John Deere and Boston Celtic fan, so finding something green to wear on St. Patrick’s Day has never been a problem.