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Happy 19th Birthday Cassidy

Let’s start by addressing the self-quarantine situation we are dealing with. I realize this is an adjustment for a lot of people. I grew up on a cattle ranch with not many neighbors, so let me offer you some free tips.

Social Distancing:
This was already built in at the Wilker Ranch, or as us kids called it “The Wilker Prison Farm.” So a little poem to help you.

Don’t be a brat and sit and pout, Stay at home and don’t go out.
Don’t call a doctor or ask for a nurse, Remind yourself it could be worse.
Just tell yourself it won’t take long, Play some games or sing a song.
Wash your hands don’t touch your face, And enjoy your break from the crazy rat race.

 Boredom: One of the games we played was “Car, Hide!” This is easy. Whenever you heard a car coming, you would duck behind the nearest cover until they went by. So simply change it to, “Person, Hide!” (Rule #1 You can’t use another person for cover.)

Toilet Paper
For some reason this has jumped to the top of the necessity list for many. I will let you in on a little secret. When you’re working on the ranch and you’re far from the house, you will find something to use for toilet paper. And you might be a redneck when you can immediately identify the leaves/items that work the best. My advice; Get creative.

Okay, now to this week’s topic. I would like to wish Cassidy a very Happy Nineteenth Birthday! It’s hard to believe that little girl riding in the back in her car seat is Nineteen today. I want her to know how proud we are of her and we know she is going to achieve great things in her life. I look back on all the fun things we did and the memories we made. I remember playing with Polly Pocket dolls, playing Hide-And-Seek, and riding bikes. These are memories I will keep and cherish always.

It would be easy for me to be discouraged in the middle of this situation because it has suspended the progress I am making with my business. But I understand there is nothing I can do to control that, so I will be grateful it’s Cassidy’s birthday and for my family. I will be grateful for the love and support I receive from all of you. I realize this is only temporary, and when life does get back to normal, I will try and remember to appreciate all the little things I took for granted. You know, like toilet paper. Please be safe and healthy, and Thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy Easter 2020

P.S. If you get really bored, you can call me, and I will tell you a Cassidy story. I’ve got a million of them.

A Special Birthday Wish

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   This week I want to send a very special birthday wish to a very exceptional person in my life, my sister Patty. And I will start by saying she is so wonderful, and I respect her so much that I didn’t identify her as my older sister. When we were growing up, Patty was always very responsible. To point this out I will tell you a famous family story that has survived decades. My older sister Pam, older brother Wade, and I had gotten into trouble with our Dad (a frequent place for us). We were downstairs talking about how unfair our Dad was...

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Pink Night 2020

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   To tell this story properly, we need to go back one year to the first Pink Night. Thunder Ridge High School put together an event to raise cancer awareness. They supplied free pink t-shirts for everyone to wear and a silent auction. The booster club president Michele Kennedy had heard about the Foundation and informed me they wanted to make a donation. I thanked her and told her how grateful I was for the help. When I met Michele and Coach Toldson, I was so impressed with their commitment to helping teach the students the importance of...

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Tri Cities Trip 2020

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   Back in November, Ryan told me he was going to schedule a minor surgery in Spokane for his hip so he could continue to compete in triathlons. I told him when he had the surgery, I would come over and stay as long as he needed me to. We talked and he decided to have it done on January 8.    I hadn’t been over to Ryan’s for a while and I’m kind of disappointed in myself that it took him doing a minor surgery this week to get me over here. We were both a little concerned about trying to drive over this time of year, so I...

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Happy New Year 2020

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   It’s hard to believe how fast last year went. I was talking to my Mother-In-Law Berna Deane and we both agree the older you get the faster time seems to go. When I was in High School, the only time that moved that fast was summer vacation. In the past, I have written what my New Year’s resolutions were going to be. This week, I would like to reflect about a few things that happened during this past year. 1. Cassidy started college! Remember when I said how time seems to be going by much faster? It’s hard to believe that little kid who was...

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Merry Christmas 2019

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   I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and made some special memories with your families. I will start by telling you about a couple of new traditions I have started. As some of you are aware, we have had a long standing tradition of going to Mountain River Ranch every Christmas. I was so happy last year when Kristi and her two sons Jeff and Carter were able to go. We had such a great time and we were all looking forward to going again this year. When I tried to make reservations, I found out they were going to be closed this year. I...

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Christmas Adopt-A-Family 2019 Part 2

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   I will start this week’s story the same way as last week’s story. That is by thanking all of you for your generosity and donations. This year we were able to help three families in the Pocatello area and five families in our community. I also want to thank the great staff at Teton Cancer Institute for their support, encouragement and friendship. We started our shopping excursion at Walmart on Tuesday. Rick brought some great help from TCI and I enlisted Kristi to help me. She has always been great to help me out with my Foundation events....

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Christmas Adopt-A-Family 2019 Part 1

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   I will start by thanking everyone so much for your generous donations this year! I am happy to report we have enough that were able to help three extra families from the Pocatello area. I wanted to help some families from this area because it’s kind of home for myself and Shannon, and I really want to start growing the Foundation in other communities. One of the families was recommended by a good friend of Kristi’s in Pocatello, and the other two were submitted by Chelsea Jensen. I contacted the three families and we decided to meet at...

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SWF Night Out 2019

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   I would first like to thank everyone involved that made this year’s event so special. I especially want to thank Marisa and Joree from Kool Beanz for providing a terrific venue and creating such a wonderful atmosphere for the event. Also a big thank you to Marjorie Lusk and Lora Stanger for the delicious home cooked meal. It was fantastic! I was grateful this year to invite a special couple to be part of the event. I met this couple when their family invited me to have my Foundation as part of their float in the Fourth of July parade. She...

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Happy Thanksgiving 2019

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  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year. Each year this holiday helps me remember all the things I have to be grateful for. I will start by saying how thankful I am that Cassidy was able to make it here before the weather turned horrible. I only hope it will cooperate for her return back to Dixie. In the intertest of keeping this story short, I will pick three of my top things to be thankful for. 1. I am thankful for the progress/challenges of my training company. This year I have made some remarkable progress with my...

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NRF Celebration Dinner

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   This story begins three years ago when I had a booth for the Foundation at the “What Today’s Women Want” event at the Shilo. A lady came up to the booth and asked me to tell her about the Foundation. I explained our mission to help cancer patients and told her all the money we receive goes directly to local cancer patients and their families. “I’m so glad to hear that,” she said. “We have a group out at the NRF that holds a fundraiser every year for breast cancer awareness. In the past, we have donated the money to breast cancer awareness...

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