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The Arizona Trip

   I will start this week’s story by telling you what happened at the Phoenix airport. I was in the security line waiting to go through the screening process when an alarm went off. At  that moment,  a man in the line in front of me turned around and started running past us. The TSA agents quickly responded and surrounded the man. When he tried to break through them, one of the agents used their taser to stop him. At that point, four of them wrestled him to the ground and quickly put him in restraints. Okay, that really didn’t happen, but I was told my story last week was boring. So, I thought I should get your attention.

   Now, where was I? Oh yeah, my trip to Arizona. At the Far West convention in December, I arranged a meeting with an equipment dealership in Phoenix to discuss my training program. I planned to meet with them, and try to contact a few other dealerships while I was there.

   I had all the information for the Ag dealerships I wanted to talk to. I decided to check for other dealerships I could contact. I found the information for a construction organization that has several dealerships in Arizona and California. Their corporate headquarters are located in Mesa, so I called to see if I could talk to someone about training. I was put in touch with the gentleman who was in charge of their training and told him about my company and the workshops I was putting together. I explained I was in town meeting with other dealerships and asked him if there was a chance I could meet with him while I was here. “I’d love to see what you’ve got,” he said and we made arrangements to meet later that morning.

   I arrived at the corporate training facility and was cautiously optimistic about the meeting. We went to his office, and I told him about the training workshops I was putting together for parts and service salesmen. He took me on a half hour tour of their training facility and told me about all the training they do there with all their employees. During the tour, he never asked me once about my training. My optimism was starting to fade. We returned to his office, and I told him I could make my training work with some of the training they are already doing. “As you can see, we do all of our training internally except what is provided by the manufacturer. So we’re probably not interested,” he said. “Dude, you could have told me that on the phone!” I said. (In my head of course) I think he just wanted to show off the training facility.

   The rest of my meetings went really well. I made some great progress with the dealership I had gone there to talk with. I also had some great conversations with a few more, and I am going back down in March for a meeting with the association and follow up with the dealers I met with.

   The best part of the whole trip was getting to spend time with my nephew Quinn and his family. They are always so nice and make me feel so welcome. I was lucky enough to go to Azme’s volleyball game and Easton’s soccer game. I am proud to say they both won their games and it was great to be in the stands and cheer them on. I told them it was because I was there and I must be good luck! I am grateful to have this terrific family in my life and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them in March. It’s a great reminder to me how much love and support my entire family has given me. I reminds me of the love from my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: All-Star weekend

P.S. Since I’m such good luck, they should have me down next year. You know, like from November through March.

Dealer Conventions 2018

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This week’s story is about the three different equipment dealer association conventions I attended this fall. I want to tell you about some of the great people I met and the new connections I made. The first was the North Dakota Implement Dealers Association convention in Bismarck, North Dakota. I was planning to meet with B.J. Knutson from Titan Machinery. I first meet B.J. two years ago when I inadvertently crashed a Case Company dinner reserved for their dealer organizations. I also wanted to meet with Megan Birner from NDIDA to discuss a...

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SWF Night Out 2018 plan

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   Last year we held the first SWF Night Out event where we took some breast cancer patients and their husbands out in a limo to see the Christmas lights. We dressed them up in gowns and tuxedos and took them to an elegant dinner. It was definitely one of the most rewarding nights of my life. It was a big success and I decided to make it an annual event. This week’s story is about the plans we are making for this year.    I want to start by thanking Michael Dalessi and Black Knight Limousine for the use of the limousine. Michael does a lot...

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

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   I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. This holiday helps us acknowledge all the things we are thankful for. This week’s story is about a limo event I had on Tuesday that reminded me of all the things I am grateful for.    I received a phone call from Burke asking if I was available to drive on Tuesday. I told him yes, and then he told me it was a Make a Wish event for a young boy. I told him I would love to drive, and I would donate my time. He thanked me and told me he would get back to me with more information.    I...

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Indian Motorcycle Fundraiser

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   This story never would have happened without Lisa Anderson and her total support. I want to thank her again for everything she has done to help me promote the Foundation.    I wrote about this opportunity back in September. Do you remember the name of the story? Do you remember how it started? Did you know there was going to be a pop quiz today? Well, last Saturday they had the drawing for the motorcycle and they invited me down to the event. Greg said he wanted me to say a few words about the Foundation and how the money would be used. I...

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A New Donation from a New Company

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   I am very happy to see how much recognition and progress the Foundation is getting. Two years ago, I met a lady that works at INL at the What Today’s Women Want event at the Shilo. She wanted to know more about the Foundation and where the funds go. I am always happy to talk about the reason the Foundation was started and to let everyone know 100% of the funds go directly to local cancer patients. She told me a group of women she works with always do a fundraiser in October for breast cancer and wanted to donate the money where it would do...

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Say Boo to Cancer

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   This is another wonderful event put on by Teton Cancer Institute and Mountain View Hospital. It is a Trunk or Treat event held in the Teton Cancer Institute parking lot. Last year I went as my always popular, easy and simple character. If you guessed a Cowboy, you win! I’m not sure what you win, but you win just the same. This year I decided to change things up a little and went as a different character. Can you guess what my costume was? Here’s a little hint. “The Crusade Against Cancer” That’s right, I went as Star Lord!    The event...

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Fall Bridal Fair 2018

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   I want to thank David Rail and Bridal Fairs of East Idaho for letting me have a booth at this event. This was the third time I’ve had a booth there, and each time it has been extremely rewarding.    The set up for this event was scheduled for Friday at 5:00pm. Now because I run on Max Wilker time, I arrived at 4:45pm. When I arrived, there were people already starting to get set up. “I could have been here at 4:30!” I thought. Which in reality is true Max Wilker time.    I found David, and he showed me where my booth was. The location was...

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The SWF Day Off

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   Let’s start this story with the creation of the SWF Day Off concept. Last December, we had the SWF Night Out for cancer patients and their spouses. We supplied them with free gowns, tuxedos and make-up. We took them on a limo ride to see the Christmas lights and then to a catered prime rib dinner. We will be doing this event again this year and plan on making it an annual event. Since we had a night out event, I decided we should have some day off events. The concept is for cancer patients and their families to do something fun together...

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Brake for the Cure

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   I was fortunate enough to be part of “The Brake for the Cure” event this week at Teton Cancer Institute. This is a fantastic community event put on by Mountain View Hospital and Teton Cancer Institute. I want to thank Lisa Anderson and Brian Ziel for inviting me.    The Brake for the Cure is designed to bring awareness and education to breast cancer and prevention. The goal is to educate women and men how screening and early detection can significantly help in the fight against breast cancer. This event has grown immensely each year, but...

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The Real Reward

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   This has been a very rewarding week. I will start with the Bikers for Boobs fundraiser recipients. I had been working with Jan from Pocatello Cycle to get everyone together. It finally worked out that we could all meet at Pocatello Cycle on Thursday. When I walked into the store, one of the recipients was already there. He was a nice young man and had his family there with him. I walked over and introduced myself. He said he had been looking forward to meeting me and was so grateful for the help. I told him I was more than happy to help. I...

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