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Christmas Log 2021

I will start with a little background on Christmas Log, for the readers who are not familiar with it. It started around thirty years ago, when Ryan was watching a tv show called Ren & Stimpy. There was a satirical commercial about giving your children “Log” as a present. You could give them “Secret Service Log” which was simply a Log with a hat and sunglasses. Or you could give them “Dress Up Log” which was a Log with a wig and a dress. I decided for Christmas that year I would give Justin “Cowboy Log” and Ryan “Skateboard Log.”

I have been giving them “Log” every year since then. I was asked once what were some of my favorite “Logs.” This is a hard question to answer because I have quite a few I am really proud of. One I really enjoyed was when we lived in Tremonton and Shannon asked Justin and Ryan what they wanted for Christmas, and they both replied in unison “Not Log!” As a result, I found two pieces of wood with an obvious flaw is it was “Knot Log.” Another time I gave everyone a toothpick and it was “Anorexic Log.”

Each year I start thinking about next year’s “Log” and I had pretty much decided it would be “Vaccinated Log” which would have had a face mask and a disposable syringe on the side of it. But after the best thing that happened to me in 2021 I decided to go with “Married Log.” This is where I will give you a few minutes to try and guess exactly what “Married Log” would be.

Okay, pencils down because times up. “Married Log” is a Log with one end of a chain glued to the bottom of the Log, and the other end of the chain glued to a ball. The Log has a smiley face on it and the words “Yes Dear” written on it. I was quite proud of it.

I hope you all are doing well, and the New Year is going great for everyone. Thanks for reading.

Next Week: Martin Luther King Day

P.S. I was smart enough to check with Kristi about “Married Log.” She even helped me put them together.

I Love My Community

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I Love My Community I would like to thank all the individuals, groups, and companies that are doing fundraisers for the Foundation this month. This week’s story is a follow up to a story I posted on July 31st about a couple I met at a Chukars game. In my original story, I wrote about this couple asking if the Foundation helped patients that were going to the Huntsman Cancer Center in Utah, instead of Teton Cancer Institute. I gave them some funds we had raised from the last Chukars game and sent them some gas cards in the mail later. When I...

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Run for the Cure 2021

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Run for the Cure 2021 It was another fantastic event yesterday at Freeman Park. I first need to thank Doug and Cheyenne Swanson, and Cody and Salem Thomas for all the hard work they put into this event.  They do so many great events like this throughout the year to help our community and I am honored to be part of this event with them. The event starts at 9:00 and Salem told me people usually start showing up around 8:00. So, in order to stay true to what I refer to as “Max Wilker Time,” Kristi and I arrived a little after 7:00. It was a...

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Good to be Home

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Good to be Home Before I start with how happy I am to be home, let me give you an update on the Salt Lake Express situation. In the spirit of trying to work out a solution in an amicable manner, I sent a letter to Jacob Price who is the owner of Salt Lake Express. I asked that he contact me so I could explain my side of the situation and to see if we could reach an agreement that would be acceptable to both sides. He replied saying that he has removed himself from the day-to-day operations, but he said that although he is unaware of the...

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Tales From the Road Part Two

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Tales From the Road Part Two Well boys and girls, if you’re reading this it means I made it safely home from my road trip. If I remember correctly, we left off with my vehicle situation in Utah. From there, everything went very well. I spent the weekend in Evanston as I started my visits with dealers in Wyoming. I met with some very nice dealer members, and they were glad that the association had hired someone for this position. A few of them remembered me from some of the annual conventions. That is one of the things I like most about this...

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Tales From the Road

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Tales From the Road First let me acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the tragedy that shook our country. I pray all of us remember the victims and do everything we can to keep our country united and strong. This week I embarked on a long road trip for my new job. It started with me flying into Sacramento Tuesday morning to pick up the company car. I had a meeting with the Agriculture department at UC Davis. I will be working with them to develop a Workforce Development program that will help attract new employees into the industry. The...

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The Last Chukars Game

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The Last Chukars Game I decided to give you a break from the Salt Lake Express saga this week and tell you about the last Chukars game I was able to have my booth at this year. I need to thank Kevin Greene, and the entire Chukars staff again for all their support. I want to thank Rocky Mountain Power for sponsoring my booth. I will start by letting everyone know that Kristi’s daughter-in-law Robin has been helping with the Foundation for the last few months as part of an internship with BYU-Idaho. Robin is a very smart, and creative young...

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The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Three (Hell’s comin’ with me!)

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The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Three (Hell’s comin’ with me!) I decided I would make the SLE stories like the sequels in a movie series. So actually, Part Two should have been, The Salt Lake Express Part Two, (You tell him I’m comin!) For the younger readers or those who should have watched this movie and didn’t, (and shame on you for not!) this is from the movie Tombstone when Wyatt Earp sends the message, “You tell him I’m comin’… and Hell’s comin’ with me,” to Curly Bill. I will now share with you the reply I received from SLE when...

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The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Two (Tell him I’m comin’)

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The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Two Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, I had just found out my vehicle had been towed from the SLE parking lot. I could have contacted someone to come get me., but it was late, and I didn’t want to bother anyone. Besides, I decided SLE could pay for the UBER along with whatever it cost to get my vehicle out of the impound lot. On Monday, I decided to contact the towing company first so I could let SLE know how much it would cost to get my vehicle. They told me it would be $427. That was about $277 more than I...

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The Salt Lake Express Surprise

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The Salt Lake Express Surprise Caution! This story may contain rants and tirades! Last week I told you about my trip to California and Arizona. This week’s story is about my trip back to Idaho Falls on Friday night. I booked a round trip ticket on Salt Lake Express to the SLC airport. I had to schedule the pickup time for Monday Aug. 2nd at 2:40am at so I could make my 8:30am flight and return for 8:00pm Friday Aug.6th. Salt Lake Express has Shaka’s Sinclair as their preferred pickup location, so that is where I have always chosen when I use...

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On The Road Again Chapter Two

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On The Road Again Chapter Two Okay everyone, your story today is about my travels this week through California and Arizona. After my last trip to dealers in Northern and Central California, there were some dealers in Bakersfield I wanted to meet with. From there I needed to meet with a dealer in Redlands. This took me within 10 miles of Los Angeles and closer than I wanted to be. Nothing so much against the town, but it’s the home of the Lakers and I am a diehard Boston Celtics fan. Although as a senior citizen, I do applaud their commitment...

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