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Status Update

This is my first story since the “Happy Birthday Jayci” story I posted on October 29th. The reason I have not posted a story is that I had complete knee replacement surgery on my right knee on Nov. 3rd. For this week’s story I would like to catch you up on some of the things that have happened since my last story.

First I would like to thank all of the amazing people in our community that held fundraisers in the month of October for the Foundation. The number of people, groups, and businesses that hold these fundraisers seem to increase immensely every year. As the number of these groups grow, so has the dollar amount of donations to the Foundation. To me, this just confirms to me what a compassionate, and generous community we live in. We will use this money in our Thanksgiving Dinner and Adopt-A-Family for Christmas programs. We are going to work with some of the companies that donated and let them do the Christmas shopping for some families. I enjoy letting people who raised the money be the ones to experience the gratitude of the families and the reward of experiencing the difference they made in their lives. It is definitely a reward that money cannot purchase.

Now, let’s get to the knee replacement surgery. After several years of rodeo and basketball, my knees have finally reached the point where they need to be replaced. The right knee was by far the worst, so I decided I would have it done first. Now I have talked to several people that have gone through knee replacement surgery, and heard some very positive stories, and some that made me a little concerned about the results. The one consistent advice I got from everyone is to make sure to do physical therapy consistently. I was told the first two weeks would be the hardest, but it would start to get better after that. I had my follow up on Wednesday, and everything looked great. I started out-patient physical therapy on Friday and feel pretty good about the complete recovery.

I want to let you know that while the two first weeks were difficult, they would have been a lot worse if I did not have the amazing wife I have taking care of me. Kristi is always making sure I have everything I need. She goes out of her way to make me comfortable and relaxed. She always does everything she can for me and  I am so very blessed to have her in my life.

I want to thank everyone that called to check on me and came over to the house to see if they could help with anything. I am fortunate to have so many great friends, and thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy Thanksgiving

P.S. To the guys at basketball: One step closer to coming back. You have been warned.

Fun with Jayci

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Fun with Jayci Let me start this week’s story by sharing an old Rodney Dangerfield joke. “I asked my Dad to take me to the zoo. He said, If they want you, they’ll come and get you.” That is the lead into our day with Jayci. Kristi and I had told Jayci, the next time we had her, we would take her to the zoo. It had been a long time since Kristi and I had been to the zoo, so we were both looking forward to taking her. When we arrived at the zoo, Jayci told us she would lead the way. She headed straight for the penguins, and then we made our way...

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Happy Birthday Angel Shannon

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Happy Birthday Angel Shannon Yesterday was our Angel Shannon’s birthday. I think the rule still applies that you don’t mention which birthday it is. Let’s just say it’s an anniversary of her 29th birthday and leave it at that. I just want to wish her a happy birthday and give you a little background about life lessons I have learned. The last time I was able to actually wish her a happy birthday was exactly 12 years ago yesterday. I remember at the time Shannon saying that would probably be the last birthday she would celebrate. I wasn’t sure...

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Back to Basketball

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Back to Basketball It is no secret, that one of the things I like the most is playing basketball. I have really enjoyed being able to play morning ball with a great bunch of guys. About eight months ago, I twisted my knee when I slipped on the ice. My left knee felt pretty sore, so I went to Dr. Andary to have him look at it. After looking at the X-Rays, he said I had a small tear in the meniscus but didn’t think it was that bad. He said they could give me some cortisone for now, and if it got any worse, they could go in and scope the tear to...

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Dealership Summit

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Dealership Summit This week The Dealership Minds Summit sponsored by Farm Equipment Dealership magazine and Lessiter Media was held in Iowa City. It is an annual event that focuses on promoting and advancing the agriculture industry. My friend Wayne Brozek was invited to do a presentation on service department efficiency and asked me if I would be interested in presenting one of the classes. I told him it would be an honor. The opening events were on Tuesday and our presentations were on Wednesday. I discussed it with Wayne, and we agreed it...

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Road Trip

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Road Trip This week’s story is about a road trip I took to help Kristi’s son. Carter and his wife Robin have been living in Illinois for the last year and now are moving back to Idaho Falls so he can start his new job. Robin is going to stay and help her parents with their business and come out sometime in August. Kristi asked if I would be willing to help Carter drive his truck and trailer back to Idaho Falls. I told them I would be happy to come out and. I told them I could fly into Cedar Rapids Thursday night and Carter could pick me up...

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Kristi’s Birthday

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Kristi’s Birthday It was Kristi’s birthday on Tuesday. I will not say which birthday we celebrated, I will simply say she is younger than me and leave it at that. Also, I want to prove to every skeptic out there that I am capable of learning something after this many years. To begin the celebration, we were going to the Stadium of Fire event on Saturday. We planned on stopping at her niece Jessica’s house in West Jordan first. Jessica called me and told me she wanted to have a surprise birthday party for Kristi. She arranged everything and we...

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Happy Fourth of July 2022

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Happy Fourth of July 2022 Let me begin this week’s story telling all the brave men and women in our Armed Forces how grateful we are as a country for all their sacrifices and commitments. I want to thank them for allowing all of us to enjoy the tremendous amounts of freedom we have. I want to try my best to remember this every day and never take them for granted. I had heard several people talk about a Fourth of July program called the Stadium of Fire at the BYU stadium in Provo. It is a very patriotic program with a concert followed by...

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First Chukar’s Game 2022

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First Chukar’s Game 2022 Every year, the Idaho Falls Chukar’s allows non-profit organizations 2 different nights to set up a booth at their games. It is sponsored by Fred Meyer, and all they ask is that you send them a thank you for the opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to have a booth there for the last five years. That is except for the Covid Apocalypse years when they did not have any games. First, I would like to thank Kevin Greene and the entire Chukar’s staff for all their support and help. They do a great job and always making...

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Happy Father’s Day 2022

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Happy Father’s Day 2022 Before I begin my Father’s Day story for this week, I need to wish a very important person in my life a Happy Birthday. It is my Mother-In-Law Berna Deanne’s birthday today, and I just want her to know how important she is to me and our family. She has given our family so much love and support, and she is a tremendous example of strength and courage to me. We are all so grateful to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday Berna Deanne! To begin, I would like to bring back a portion of my Father’s Day story two years ago....

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New Opportunities

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New Opportunities Since I quit being employed at John Deere, it has taken some time to get my training and consulting business going. I use the term “being employed” instead of “working” so my friends can’t argue with me. In the last two years, I have had some great success. Last August, I was hired as the Dealer Development Consultant for the Far West Equipment Dealer Association. This has been a lot of fun and also challenging as well. I am talking about getting stranded in the Utah desert as a good example. Two years ago, I had contacted a...

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