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Allie Dalessi

Heaven received another very special angel this week. My good friends Michael and Liz Dalessi lost their sweet daughter Allie in an automobile accident. Allie was only 24 years old and will be missed by so many.

 I first met Allie when I  drove the family to an event at the Colonial Theatre. You could tell right away she was a young lady that was full of life. The main thing I noticed was the overwhelming love this family has for each other. It filled my heart with so much warmth to witness the complete devotion and commitment Michael and Liz have for their two daughters.

 The night before the funeral, I was walking around looking at all the pictures of Allie. She is the type of young lady that could make friends easily and was a true friend to everyone. She was always the friend they could count on to be there for them whenever they needed someone.

 There was a very large turnout of people to pay their respects. It was a great tribute to Allie. I really enjoyed the stories and memories so many of her family, friends, and co-workers shared about her. As I listened to the tributes to Allie, my heart went out to Michael, Liz, and their other daughter Jessica.

 I wish there was something I could do to make them feel better. I wish I could say anything that would take away even some of their pain. I wish there was a way to make sense of it all. But sadly there isn’t anything anyone can say or do right now to stop the hurt.

 There is some advice I can give them and that is any thought you have isn’t a wrong thought. People will tell you “You need to think of it this way” or “You need to think of it that way.” You cannot control the thoughts that come to you, so let them. It is what you do with them to help you move forward that is important.

 I can tell them that the pain is so deep because the love is so strong. I can let them know there will always be some pain, but it does get easier. I can tell them their memories of Allie will never go away, but you don’t ever want them to. I can promise them there will come a time when her memories will not be painful but a pleasant reminder of their never-ending love for her and her never-ending love for them.

 I strongly believe there is a bigger picture and our time here is a small part of it. I also believe our lives are made up of different chapters, and their sweet Allie was needed to start her next chapter as a guardian angel. As they remember that sweet young lady full of life and love, know that her special loving spirit is helping so many people and she will always be there to love and watch over her family.

Michael and Liz please know I am keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers and will always be here for you. Thanks for reading.

 Next week: Happy Halloween 2020

 P.S. Michael, I encourage you to be on your best behavior. You have a very special angel keeping tabs on you 24/7.



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