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Elite Events Garage Sale

I would like to start off by thanking Kimberly Bronson and everyone at Elite Events for allowing me to set up a booth at their events. Their programs are always professional and successful, and I have benefitted greatly from everyone I have been to.

Two weekends ago, they held their annual Idaho’s Largest Outdoor Market and Garage Sale at the Hillcrest High School parking lot. The vendors were able to start setting up on Friday afternoon at 2:00pm. Since I run on Max Wilker time, of course I was there at 1:30. I had everything unloaded and set up by 2:15. You can go ahead and applaud me now, I’ll wait. Wow! Thanks everyone. Especially those who gave me the standing ovation!!  

When I arrived Saturday morning, it was amazing to see how many more booths were set up this year. That is one of the greatest benefits of an Elite Events occasion. They just get bigger and better each year.  

The morning started off kind of slow, with most of the people checking out the garage sale bargains and passing by my booth. But things started to pick up around 9:00. I enjoy the opportunity to raise money by selling raffle tickets, and bracelets, and earrings supplied by Kristy Young and her daughter, my adopted granddaughter, Sydney Young. But the main benefit I receive is raising the profile and awareness of the Foundation and its mission. Several people stopped and I was able to tell them about our purpose and mission. We sold a lot more raffle tickets, bracelets and earrings than I thought we would, and had some people just donate money directly. The funds will be used to purchase more debit cards for cancer patients.

Overall, I was very happy with the sales and connections I made. About 30 minutes before the event was over, a lady from the booth directly across from me came over and introduced herself. Their booth was raising funds for Idaho Falls High School athletics and she said they would love it if the students could perform any service project to help some cancer patients. I told her I would talk with Lisa at Teton Cancer Institute and let her know. I told her how much I admired the students wanting to help and how fortunate we are to have such great young men and women in our region. We both agreed there are great students from every school district around.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, Kimberly came up to me with a reporter from KIFI channel 8 news. “I want you to make sure you interview this guy,” Kimberly told the reporter. “We are amazed at all the great stuff he does,” Kimberly said. So the reporter interviewed me and asked me what I liked about the event. “I think it’s great to be able to have events like this so people can get out and enjoy themselves. With everything thing going on in our country right now, I am grateful that we live in an area where everyone is courteous and respects each other. I am grateful our community is always looking out for each other and finding ways to help,” I told her.

So remember when I told you the benefit is to raise the profile and awareness of the Foundation? Another TV interview on the Foundation in the books. Mission accomplished! Thanks for reading.

Next week: The Right Reason

P.S. Yes, I know what you’re thinking about having to see me on television. I’m well aware I have a face for radio.

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