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The Birthday Party

Thursday night Kristi threw me a cowboy themed 65th birthday party. First thing I need to do is thank Kristi, Brittney, Cassidy, and Robin for all the hard work they put into making it such an incredibly special event. They went all out with the decorations, the PowerPoint, the cowboy cupcakes, and the potato bar. Brittney had an awesome cowboy cake and Robin designed an adorable setting with some hay bales and a saddle for a photo background. Jayci loved it! I also want to thank Bob & Lisa Hale for the amazing chili they brought for the potato bar. It was fantastic.

I was excited because it gave me a chance to dress up in full cowboy attire. It was a little ironic because the event was at the Hampton Inn and the last time I went to an event there was when my brother Craig was inducted into the Eastern Idaho Cowboy Hall of Fame. I was able the get dressed up in full cowboy attire then as well. What’s the old saying? You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

There were so many memorable things that happened that night, and so many people that came to wish me a happy birthday. It was great to talk to them and to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. When my brother Wade and my sister Patty got up to recall stories about us growing up, I must admit my mind was recalling stories that I prayed they wouldn’t bring up. Luckily for me, they didn’t bring the real incriminating ones. I think mainly because I have dirt on them as well.

As the evening went on, I was looking around the room and had an incredible feeling of warmth of happiness come over me. I saw so many people that I have been fortunate to have in my life. There are so many people that have always been there for me. I have an amazing family that I am so proud of.

I want to try and let everyone know how amazing my beautiful girlfriend Kristi is, but there aren’t enough words to adequately describe her spirit and passion. She is the most caring, selfless person I know, and her true happiness comes from making everyone she knows happy. I watched as she went around the room talking to people and reaching out to them. She has a smile that lights up any room she is in. I realize just how lucky and grateful I am to have her in my life. Kristi, thank you for everything you do for me every day and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I Love You!

Thank you everyone that came that night and also the ones that couldn’t make it and sent me your best wishes. And another big thank you again to Brittney, Cassidy, and Robin for everything they did to make the evening unforgettable. I am truly blessed. Thanks for reading.

Next week: High School Hero’s

P.S. Just because I am in full cowboy attire, doesn’t mean I can’t foul someone.

Social Media Arguing

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Social Media Arguing This week’s story is about someone’s response to a post I put on Social media. Let me just say I thought it was quite humorous. There was a headline quoting a doctor that recommended wearing four masks. I put the headline in the post and added this: I would like to do a study. Please answer honestly. Which do you think provides more protection from the Covid Apocalypse: Two Masks Four Masks Hazmat Suit Full body condom Asking for a friend. I had a few people respond to the humor of the post. I want to share the one...

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 Let me start this week’s story with a conversation I had with Kristi this week. She asked me a question about a group text my sister Patty sent out. I wasn’t able to answer because I hadn’t paid enough attention to the text Patty sent. Kristi then jokingly asked me if that’s the amount of attention I give to the text’s and emails she sends. I mean, I think that’s what she asked me. I felt it was my duty to inform her things have been this way with men and women since the beginning of time. I told Kristi there is a...

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Happy Groundhog Day 2021

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Happy Groundhog Day 2021 I will begin this week’s story by sharing my favorite scene from the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray. If you haven’t watched this movie, I will simply say, “Shame on You!” Your assignment for next week is to watch this movie. (There is the possibility of a pop quiz!) When the two main characters are sitting in a restaurant, a waiter drops a plate of dishes on the floor. One of the customers yells out, “Just put that down anywhere pal!” That quickly became one of our favorite family things to say whenever...

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Back to Normal?

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Back to Normal?  Well, my faithful readers, we are almost through our first month in 2021. Are we ever going to get back to some resemblance of normal? I would like to say we are, but that would be the same as saying 2021 couldn’t be worse than 2020. It’s a definite way to jinx all of us. However, I will share an experience with you that helps me believe in the chance of getting back to normal.     Several people I know have received their stimulus checks. As of the first of this week I had not received mine. My concern is the fact that the...

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Another Inspirational Cancer Patient

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Another Inspirational Cancer Patient    This week’s story is about another generous cancer patient. A local business held a fundraiser for the Foundation and raised a little over $600. I contacted Teton Cancer Institute and told them I wanted to send them three blank checks for $200 each. I asked them to find three cancer patient that could use the assistance. Whenever I send anything to someone, I include a card that says, “To let you know that someone cares, and you’re always in our thoughts and prayers” along with a business card from the...

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Inspirational Cancer Patient

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Inspirational Cancer Patient Before we start, I want to share a nice feel-good interaction I had earlier this year when I went to the Dollar Store. This is how the conversation went when I walked in at 8:15am. Cashier: “I’m sorry sir, the first hour is reserved for Senior Citizens.” Me: “I’m going to be 65 next year.” Cashier: “Oh my gosh, you don’t look that old at all!” Me: “Thank you for saying that. You just made my day! Of course, I’m only that old physically not mentally.” Gentleman customer: “I can relate to that!” Last week, Rick from...

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Happy Birthday Justin

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Happy Birthday Justin Before I talk about the title of this week’s story, I want to condemn the small group of the Capitol protesters that turned the protest into damage and violence. I have also condemned the small groups in the BLM protests that turned those protests into damage and violence. I think we can all agree that the majority of both groups wanted their protest to be peaceful, and the small narrow minds in each group ruined their message. I think the post I read that summed it up best was: “If you’re condemned the violence of the...

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Happy New Year 2021    Well, my faithful readers, we made it to 2021! To properly appreciate this, let us review the past 12 months that was 2020. Here is a list of my top three topics for our country and the top three for myself. The Covid Apocalypse arrives I think it is safe to say this topic had the biggest impact on everybody. From the economic effect on businesses and individuals to the more important consequences of the health and lives of every person on our planet. I want to give my thanks, support, and prayers to all the health care...

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Christmas Traditions    What are some of your favorite family Christmas Traditions? Is it decorating the tree? Is it taking everyone out to dinner? Is it driving around to see the Christmas lights? One of my favorite family traditions was taking everyone to Mountain River Ranch for their Christmas show. Because of the Covid Apocalypse the show was cancelled this year. Plus my good friends Mike and Julie Anglesey were not the ones putting on the show and that was one of the things I enjoyed the most. Each year they would tell the audience they...

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Adopt-A-Family Shopping 2020

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Adopt-A-Family Shopping 2020    Friday was one of my favorite days of the year. It was the annual Adopt-A-Family for Christmas shopping day for the Foundation. This tradition started four years ago it has been one of the days I look forward to all year.    I would like to thank Danielle, Chelle, and Rick from Teton cancer Institute for putting together the families and shopping lists, and for helping do the shopping. I especially want to thank Kristi for helping me with the shopping and for all the support she gives me and the Foundation.   ...

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