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Star Valley Limo Event

   Last week there was a limo event for a group in Star Valley on Thursday night. I was to pick them up at the Star Valley Ranch RV Park at 7:00 and bring them back around 11:00. I was a little hesitant at first because it’s a two hour drive to get there. That would get me home around 1:00am and I have basketball in the morning. But I told them I would be happy to do it. And do you know why? That’s right, because I’m the World’s Best Limo Driver! That, and I can still foul people even when I’m tired.

   When I arrived at the address, a young man came out and told me it was his Dad’s 80th birthday and they wanted to do something special for him. His mother came out and told me how her sons, daughter and their spouses surprised them by showing up at their place today. “They told us they wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday, but we had no idea they were going to get a limo,” she said. When her husband came out, I told him “Your family wanted to make sure your birthday was special, so they made sure to ask for the best limo driver for you.”

   They started their evening by having me take them to dinner in Thayne. After that, they wanted me to take them to Afton so they could surprise one of their friends. It was so heartwarming to listen to them talk. I could tell this family had a very strong bond and they were so happy to be together.

   When we arrived at the house in Afton, some people came out of the house to see who just pulled up in a limo. There were about 4 younger children that came over to look at the limo. “You guys can take a look inside if you want,” I told them. They were excited an got in to take a closer look. I went over where the group was talking and said, “If you guys are going to be here for a while I would be happy to take the kids and anyone else for a ride in the limo if you wanted.” One of the adults said, “Oh my word, they would love that! Are you sure?” “It’s no problem at all. I love to take little kids for their first limo ride. Besides, that’s what makes me the World’s Best Limo Driver,” I reminded them.

   The kids and a few adults got in the limo and wanted to know if I could take them to the store so they could pick up a few things. I told them that would be great, and we headed into town. On the way to the store, I could hear the kids in the back saying they couldn’t believe they were actually riding in a limo. The excitement in their voices was so cute. One of the adults was talking to me and I found out the kids were his grandchildren. “I only get to see these kids once a year when they come out here. I can’t believe how lucky we were they were here so they could go in your limo,” he said. “I’m glad it worked out this way,” I told him. At that point I heard one of the other adults asked the kids if they were having fun. In their loudest voice and excitement they all replied, “BEST DAY EVER!” I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

   When we got back to the house, one of the kids said, “Thanks for the limo ride Grandpa.” The Grandpa replied “Don’t thank me, thank the driver. He’s the one that did it all.” Then all the kids replied loudly “Thanks limo driver! BEST DAY EVER!” That made my whole day. I told them it was my pleasure to be able to drive such a great family, and that us Grandpa’s stick together. “If you make one grandkid happy, you make all Grandpa’s happy,” I told them.

   It is events like this that remind me of the joy of making wonderful family memories and keeping family bonds strong. It reminds how blessed I am for my family. Thanks for reading.

Next week: A new Foundation opportunity.

P.S. Yesterday I received a $100 donation to the Foundation from the family. I am so grateful to have the chance to meet great families like this.

Cassidy’s Graduation

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Well, it’s official. Our little girl is a High School graduate. Where did the time go? It seemed like only yesterday she was riding in her car seat playing pattycake with Shannon. I admit I knew this day was coming. I just didn’t think it would get here this fast.    The graduation event started at Kerry’s house for pictures. It was fun to watch her get pictures with all the different family members. Cassidy looked so beautiful in her graduation cap and gown. It was so pleasing to see her with just a few of the many people who are proud of...

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Happy Memorial Day 2019

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I hope all of you are enjoying a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I want to give my respect and my deepest heartfelt thanks to all the brave men and women in our armed forces that have paid the ultimate price for keeping us safe and free.    I will start by telling everyone that is paying their respects to their loved ones that have left to start their next chapter I am so sorry for your loss. I have no other words that will make that pain go away. I can only say I am positive they are with us every day watching over us and guiding...

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Make-A-Wish 2

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It all started when I received a phone call last week from Julie at the Make-A-Wish organization. She told me she was going to have an event on Monday and wanted to know if I was available to drive the limousine. I told her I would be happy to, and I would gladly donate my time. She explained it was for a young man that wanted to have a professional photographer do a photo shoot.    Julie arranged the schedule and told me she wanted me to show up a few minutes after she arrived at the house. “I want this to be a surprise, so I’m going to ask...

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Fundraising Plans

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   We are getting closer to the second annual Crusade Against Cancer event. It will held be at Snake River Landing on June 8. I’m excited for this event, and hope to have an even bigger turnout this year.    The first step to making this a successful event is getting sponsors. Now, I must point out this isn’t one of my favorite jobs. I’m always apprehensive to go in and asked anyone to be a sponsor. It’s uncomfortable when I get the look that says, “What kind of scam is this?” I know this shouldn’t bother me as much as it does. But it has...

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Make-A-Wish Limo Event

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   This week’s story is about an event that happened three weeks ago. Now I try to keep the topic of my stories on current events, but I needed to write about Easter and of course you needed to read about the knowledge and wisdom from a distinguished, well-traveled , experienced elderly gentleman. That’s the politically correct terminology of saying, “The preaching of an old guy!” But this was such an inspirational event that I knew at the time it was definitely something that I needed to write about.    On April 13th, there were two limo...

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Happy Birthday to me 2019

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Tuesday was my 63rd birthday and I would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I am truly blessed to have so many good friends. I’m also happy/confused to get so many birthday wishes from the guys I have fouled at basketball.    I know what you are all wondering. How does someone spend their 63rd birthday? Do you check out the AARP website? Do you take an early nap so you can get to Perkins at 3:30 for supper? Do you read the obituaries to make sure you’re not there? Good questions all, but none of your business!    ...

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Happy Easter 2019

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Heaven received another very special Angel this week. My good friend and work colleague Keith Barzee passed away last Sunday from cancer. Keith was a great co-worker, friend, brother, husband, father and grandfather. He will be missed greatly.    I have known Keith for many years. I first met him when he would come in from Terreton to pick up John Deere parts. When C&B Operations purchased the John Deere store in Terreton, we got to know each other very well. Keith was one of those guys that always had a smile on his face. He had a way of...

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Press Release Take 2

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Okay all my faithful readers, as promised this is the press release that finally went out on Thursday. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FWEDA ANNOUNCES EDUCATION-FOCUSED PARTNERSHIP WITH THE TRAINING A.S.P.E.C.T. Focus on customer relationship-building training programs to enhance dealer profitability I want to give you a little background into the journey I have taken on the way to this announcement.    My original expectations when I started my training company was that I would be able to get companies to sign up for my training with no hesitation...

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Press Release

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As promised last week, the title of this week’s story is Press Release. So, we will continue with the release. PRESS RELEASE:    The story that was originally going to be about the press release detailing the partnership of FWEDA and THE TRAINING A.S.P.E.C.T. has been changed. Instead, it will be about a milestone birthday for an amazing granddaughter instead. PRESS RELEASE OVER    It is hard to believe our sweet granddaughter Cassidy turned 18 on Friday. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago she was riding in her little car seat in the...

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TCI Rewards #1

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   Okay, who remembers the story (New Volunteer Opportunity) I posted three weeks ago? Who can tell me what TCI stands for? Anyone? Anyone? Great job class! It stands for Teton Cancer Institute. Since the majority of the class responded with the correct answer, there’s a good chance we might break for recess a little early today.    Before I started volunteering at TCI, I decided to get some Shannon Wilker Foundation polo shirts to wear. It has allowed me to explain how I started volunteering and let people know I can relate to what they are...

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