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Happy Easter 2019

   Heaven received another very special Angel this week. My good friend and work colleague Keith Barzee passed away last Sunday from cancer. Keith was a great co-worker, friend, brother, husband, father and grandfather. He will be missed greatly.

   I have known Keith for many years. I first met him when he would come in from Terreton to pick up John Deere parts. When C&B Operations purchased the John Deere store in Terreton, we got to know each other very well. Keith was one of those guys that always had a smile on his face. He had a way of making everyone feel better just by being around him. After the John Deere store in Terreton closed, Keith accepted the job as service manager in Idaho Falls. I was really looking forward to working with him.

   Keith and I worked well together, and we made a great team. Working with Keith allowed me to meet his family when they came into the dealership. It was evident he has a great bond with his kids, and it was easy to see why he was so proud of them. His wife Louise has a very friendly, outgoing personality and the minute you meet her, she makes you feel like your one of her best friends. It was easy to tell theirs was a love story meant to be. Over the years, we’ve had some great times together.

   About a month ago, Keith’s daughter Lacy reached out to me and told me her dad’s condition was getting worse and he probably didn’t have much time left. She asked me if I would be willing to put the PowerPoint together for his funeral. I told her I would love too, and that I was extremely honored to be able to do it.

   Lacy sent me a lot of pictures, and I couldn’t help but notice how many wonderful family pictures there were. It was especially heartwarming to see how many pictures there were with their grandchildren. I must admit there were several times these pictures brought a tear to my eye. The overwhelming blessing I received through all of this process was the appreciation of the true meaning of Easter and our Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation. As I looked at the pictures of this incredible family, I felt a peaceful feeling of love and warmth come over me. I was comforted to know they will all be able to be reunited thanks to the sacrifice our Savior made for all of us.

   It made me feel grateful to know we can all be together with our loved ones that were needed to start their next chapter. I am blessed to know our family can be together again with our Angel Shannon. We will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and you are able to make some terrific memories with your families.

Next week: Happy birthday to me!

P.S. To prove just how classy Keith is, he had a long line of John Deere tractors leading the funeral procession.



Super Bowl LIII

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  Okay, let’s start with the game itself. I think it’s safe to say this was one of the most boring Super Bowl games to watch. The best description was posted on Facebook. “If I wanted to watch grown men unable to score for three hours, I’d just go to the bar with my buddies.”    Next there were the commercials. In the past, Bud Light has had some really good commercials, but this year I didn’t care for any of them. Especially the one talking about corn syrup. Next time do some research. The issue is with high fructose corn syrup, not the corn...

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New Opportunity

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   It’s been a while since I have written about my training company so you are all fortunate enough to read about its progress this week. I will start by telling you it has definitely been an experience trying to get some momentum for this business. There are times it’s been extremely frustrating. I have talked several times about this with my Mother-In-Law Berna Deane. We have decided God must be trying to teach me patience. “Evidently, he knows I’m a slow learner,” I’ve told her.    I will start by talking about the North Dakota Implement...

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A Special Limo Ride

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   This story begins on the first Shannon Wilker Night Out event in December. I was talking with one of the cancer patients named Anna Long. I asked her where she works and she told me she works at Promontory Point. She told me they provide grief counseling to a group of kids ages 6-13 that have lost a parent. She explained how she helps with counseling and different activities. I told her I admired her strength and compassion. “I would like to do something fun for them,” I told her. “What if I could borrow a limo and we could pick them up...

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January Bridal Fair 2019

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   The Bridal Fair last weekend was a big success for the Foundation. I reconnected with some old friends, and made some new ones. These events always seem to get better each time.    Before I start with everything that was great about this event, I need to tell you about the one little thing that was a nuisance. There was a wedding planning company in the booth directly behind me. They had a television screen with a montage of pictures, and a 30 second music clip that played over and over. So, on the first day I got to listen to that thirty...

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Chamber of Commerce

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This week’s story actually started back in September when we held the Bikers for Boobs motorcycle rally in Pocatello. I was unaware of it at the time, but my good friend and the lady that has done so much for the Foundation Chelsea Jensen is on the Pocatello Chamber of Commerce. I found out when we did the SWF Night Out event in Pocatello. Chelsea told me that Erika Piercy is on the board for the Chamber and wanted to meet me. We met at the Sandpiper and she convinced me to join the Chamber so she could help with more fundraising events for...

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Welcome 2019!

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   I have officially gained more wisdom. I have made it through another 365 days which consequently has made me older and wiser. Now I’m aware most of you will say “Well, you’re definitely older!” I will have you know I have gained so much wisdom I am constantly told to quit being such as “Wise Guy!” So there!    In the past, I have listed my top 5 resolutions for the New Year. This year, I would like to reflect on the some of my favorite events of 2018 and reveal my only goal for 2019. 1. Crusade Against Cancer This was my first actual...

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Merry Christmas 2018

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  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and that you made some great memories with family and friends. For this week’s story, I want to tell you about an event that had an enormous impact on me. It all started with the Thanksgiving dinners we provided for some cancer patients and their families. We put a Foundation business card in each dinner. Most of the patients came in to pick up their dinner, but some of them were not able to come in, so Lisa and a few of the staff members delivered them. One of the patients contacted me and...

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Time for a Change

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   I would like to tell you about a couple of very neat experiences I had this week. I am so lucky to have so many amazing and generous people in my life.    Thanks to Eagle Rock Indian Motorcycle and so many generous individuals, I had some funds that I wanted to use for Christmas. I was working with Lisa and we thought the best would be to put it towards an Adopt a Family plan. I had never done that and it sounded like a perfect way to use the money. Lisa and the staff put together a list of 15 families and their needs. Then five of us...

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SWF Night Out 2018

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Before I write about how amazing these nights were, I want to thank the business’s that made it all possible. I need to thank Michael Dalessi and Black Night Limousine, Hart’s Tux and Gowns, Austin Kade Academy, Dixie’s Diner, Kool Beanz Café, Laneige Bridal, The Sandpiper Restaurant, and Blue Wave Productions. I also need to thank everyone that volunteered to help serve. A big thank you to; Chelsea Jensen, Todd and Leisa Brown, Marjorie Lusk, April Clark, Lora Stanger, Tony Eckman, Rick and Cynthia from TCI, and Jake and the staff at Kool...

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Dealer Conventions 2018

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This week’s story is about the three different equipment dealer association conventions I attended this fall. I want to tell you about some of the great people I met and the new connections I made. The first was the North Dakota Implement Dealers Association convention in Bismarck, North Dakota. I was planning to meet with B.J. Knutson from Titan Machinery. I first meet B.J. two years ago when I inadvertently crashed a Case Company dinner reserved for their dealer organizations. I also wanted to meet with Megan Birner from NDIDA to discuss a...

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