Crusade Against Cancer 2024 Part One

   It has been a long time since I posted a story, so I decided this week would be a great time to revive the tradition. Besides, I know all of you were going through withdrawal not being able to read about the thoughts and ideas roaming around aimlessly in my head!    There have […]

When we first met

I had moved to Marsh Valley to accept my first job as a parts manager. I really enjoyed the opportunity and worked with some really great guys. I had been there for around a year and although I enjoyed the job, being a single person in Marsh Valley was definitely NOT where I planned on […]

The Dutch Oven Story

   Now I have told this story to many of you but I felt it was a story I wanted to share with everyone, especially this week. It has been exactly 10 months since our angel Shannon has been gone, and this story is thank her for her patience with me.    When Shannon passed away, I had […]


  A person once said at a meeting I was at that “Communication is a valuable tool.” At least that’s what I think he said. I really wasn’t paying any attention.    I chose the topic of communication to let you know how it has helped me since Shannon passed away. The night that Shannon […]

Patty Elzinga

As I thought about  what I might write about, many things came to my mind.  I thought mostly about Shannon’s example of always wanting to have peace and serenity about her.  I thought about how much she loved my brother, Shane, her sons, Justin & Ryan and her beautiful grand-daughter Cassidy and how grateful I was that they […]