Crusade Against Cancer 2024 Part Two

Crusade Against Cancer 2024 Part Two    This year was the 7th annual Crusade Against Cancer, and it was a great success. I want to thank Larry, Robin, and Nate for helping put all the race bags together on Saturday. It was a big job, and I would have been totally sunk if they would […]

Crusade Against Cancer 2024 Part One

   It has been a long time since I posted a story, so I decided this week would be a great time to revive the tradition. Besides, I know all of you were going through withdrawal not being able to read about the thoughts and ideas roaming around aimlessly in my head!    There have […]

Happy Birthday 2023

Happy Birthday 2023 Today is my birthday, and I turn 67 years old. Now to some of you and the teenage version on me, that seems pretty old. But I will address that by relaying the words of a t-shirt Shannon bought me when I turned fifty. “Getting old is inevitable, maturing is optional!” I […]

Happy Easter 2023

Happy Easter 2023 Let me start this week’s story by giving you an update on the medical situation with my knee. Originally the date for surgery to replace the spacer with a new knee was scheduled for around the first of May. The infusion therapy to get rid of the infection went so well, the […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2023 Let’s start this story off with some St. Patrick’s Day Jokes. Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day? Because regular rocks are too heavy! How do leprechaun’s get to the moon? They go on a sham-rocket! What do you call leprechauns who collect aluminum cans? Wee-Cyclers! Okay, that’s enough of that foolishness. […]

Medical Update

Medical Update I decided for this week’s story I would give you an update on the status of my knee replacement, whether you wanted to know or not. To do this, I must take you back to the beginning of my decision to have the surgery. For the last two years, I have been experiencing […]

Pink Night 2023

Pink Night 2023 Last Friday night Thunder Ridge High School held their fifth annual Pink Night. This event was started by Thunder Ridge basketball coach Lee Toldson in honor of his aunt who battled and passed away from cancer. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for local families dealing with cancer and […]

Reflections of 2022

Reflections of 2022 I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and New Year’s celebration! It’s hard to believe we are in 2023 already. As I reflect back on 2022, there were some challenges that it brought, but also some incredible opportunities and inspirational events. For this week’s story, I would like to give you three […]

Christmas Adopt-A-Family 2022

Christmas Adopt-A-Family 2022 Tomorrow is one of the days I look forward to every year. We are going to go Christmas shopping for families dealing with cancer. We started this tradition 5 years ago and it has grown immensely over the years. This year we are going to provide Christmas for over 10 families. This […]